Early Access to Eight Hours 3.0.0 Demo

itch.io followers get early access to Eight Hours - RIGHT NOW. Other storefronts have a demo release available on Friday the 13th. However, we love the engagement of this community so we wanted to share with you earlier than all the others. Now, isn’t that special?

We have a lot of great updates

  • A brand new demo level
  • Better lighting builds, you can actual see indoors in the dark now
  • Brand new models and animations
  • Better tutorials for controls
  • Restructured objectives for the demo
  • Full dialogue with subtitle (US English Only)
  • Game pad support (no customization supported - yet)
  • Better gameplay feedback
  • Actual winning and losing in the game, rather than an unending ply through
  • Remodeled AI


EightHours-Win32.zip 973 MB
Mar 06, 2020
EightHours-Win64.zip 1 GB
Mar 06, 2020
Eight Hours 64-bit 1 GB
Mar 06, 2020
Eight Hours 32-bit 974 MB
Mar 06, 2020

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I'll try it next weekend. Running out of daylight and don't have time to play it during the week. I'm also afraid to play this game at night! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think. And we get it about the night thing - we won’t even play test at night anymore, not after what happened last time...


The start is odd because I had to wait in the start room for a long time with nothing to do. I thought the game was broken but then once enough time had passed I could open the door to get out. Even with all the lights on the house was still too creepy. I went to get an EMF device to place in the kitchen and the front door was open! It was closed when I was in the room last. That gave me goose bumps. I placed the rest of the EMF devices in the living room because I was afraid to go into the other rooms. I didn't know what else to do once the devices where out. There were no instructions on the desk and no Help I could find and I was not going to go exploring the rest of the house knowing something was probably in there so I decided to stop playing.  :P Sorry. Couldn't finish it. It's too creepy and I didn't know what to do so for sures whatever creature got int he hosue was going to get me.