​​Eight Hours Major Release 3.3.0

We are excited to announce the launch of Eight Hours 3.3.0 - the release that changes everything! We included a bunch of great spooky features such as the following:

🎃 The mysterious basement is now unlockable!

🎃 The attic now has a purpose - what lies here?

🎃 You now have the ability to summon entities - do so at your own risk!

🎃 Increased gameplay length

🎃 Fixed how long it takes to discover all EVPs

🎃 The entry level now has a spooky story related to it - listen if you dare

There has been a lot of work and thought put into this game and we are so excited to share another Halloween Update with you! Please comment, rate, and give us feedback - we love to chat! We are social Trolls after all. Take a look around, laugh at the bugs, jump from the scares, and most of all SURVIVE EIGHT HOURS.

~~~We also released a full gameplay trailer taking you through the core of Eight Hours~~~


Eight Hours Windows 64-bit 1 GB
Oct 12, 2021
Eight Hours Windows 64-bit Installer 1 GB
Oct 12, 2021

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