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Troll Purse

A New Game Developer

First, let me start by saying, “Hello, and welcome to the Troll Purse community.” I really appreciate the fact that you are taking time out of your day to come here and read my rantings.

So, you are probably wondering, “Who the heck is this Troll Purse that I am reading about?”

Well, my fellow humanoid*, Troll Purse a new Game Developer in town.

Which town?

Well, that would be in the area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America.

So, now you know that I am a Game Developer and where I have nested my lair - cool. But what kind of games do I make?

Such an interesting question my inquisitive friend! At least, I hope we are at that point right now. If not, just replace all instances of “friend” with “amiable peer”. So - friend - to get back on track, what kind of games do I make?

I make a lot of fun games. Games so niche you haven’t even heard of them yet! For instance, our debut game - Eight Hours - is a brand new type of horror game. “Horror!? How is that fun!? I can’t sleep with the lights off!!!”, may be something you are saying. Well, I did say fun - I just didn’t say for whom. Perhaps I get a good dose of “fun” knowing that somewhere, I have caused a fellow earthling*** to wet themselves through sheer fright. It truly is a fun game filled with little frights and interesting twists. However, I will continue on about this in a later post. Right now, I just want us to get familiar with you, my friend.

I am glad that you have spent the first painful minute or so reading my introduction about who I am and a little of what I do. I am not going to lie, it feels a little selfish that I can only have a one way dialogue with you about myself. If this were a first date - I am sure that you would have had your friend call your phone with some kind of “emergency” already. Well, I am glad that you didn’t do that because I have so much more to say about myself!

Currently, I have covered the who - Troll Purse, I have covered the what - Game Developer, and I have covered the where - Milwaukee, WI. What more could I possibly talk about? How about the why? I think that is an excellent question. We are all inqusitive creatures by nature** and I wish to satisfy your curiousity. Considering that many cats are still living in this world, I will not consider it harmful to your health.

Why? Why make games?

Is it for the noodles of money? Is it because I like the pretentious title of “indie”? Is it because I am a priviliged wealthy human being who has no other responsiblity other than to pursue artistic ventures in the latest fad? Am I an unoriginal fan boy that wishes to re-create a famous game and give it a few perks for instant cash? Am I an artist who wants to show off my skills? Am I a programmer who wants to show off my skills? Am I an idea guy with no clue as to how this works and I want to make myself feel accomplished? Do I have a way of riding on the coat tails of those more talented than me by using thier ideas for my gain? Am I a person who has a social viewpoint to share with the rest of world, and if you disagree with me - you just “don’t get it”? Am I bored?

Yikes, stop the interview. There are too many “Whys”. I hope now you can figure out that all the questions above are not reasons I want to make games. First off, I do not identify myself as “indie” or profressional in any way. I make games as a hobby. Granted, I will not complain about making money, and yes, I do charge for my games (HEY! they are expensive to make). But, I am not a professional - independent or otherwise - as I cannot live off of these games. So, I make them for my enjoyment (after my real job) and to share with other people. I make them, because it is fun and I like to do it. That is it. Totally transparent. I hope, my friend, that it does not change your opinion about me.

Well, that should be it. I covered the basics about Troll Purse, but to help really drive the point home, I will repeat it now.



Troll Purse


A Game Developer


Milwaukee, WI


As a hobby, for the fun of it

First Game

Eight Hours


Until next time, my friend, I wish you welfare and goodness abound in your life!

Some Notes

*: disclaimer: I am being biased here and assuming that anybody reading this blog is a human or human-like in nature.

**: disclaimer: I am assuming you are born on the planet known as Earth. Also, I would like to extend that to include anybody born on a space station around orbit of Earth. If you aren’t from earth, let me know in the comments below.

***: trigger warning: I am assuming that your nature could be described as ‘human’, ‘homosapien’, ‘earthling’, or other such descriptions for one of or belonging to the genus Homo with the ability to have concious though and the ability to read or orally understand a language. If not, please let me know the err of my ways in the comments below.

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